Custom Video Branding Elements
Instantly Make Your Videos Look More Professional 
Get 5 Drag and Drop video overlays customized with your logo and brand 
Here's What You'll Get!
And what each does
  •  2D Logo Intro: The intro goes toward the front of your video and gives the viewer their first connection with the brand.
  • 3 Animated Lower Thirds : Lower thirds are used to introduce the host of the video and can also be used to add a website URL, phone number or tagline.
  • Full Screen Graphic : A full screen graphic is branded with your logo and brand colors. These are used as a placeholder for any text you would like to appear on screen.
  • Animated Transition : An animated transition with your brand colors to give that familiar touch when you go from scene to scene or idea to idea.
  • End Screen Background : End screens appear at the very end of a YouTube video. Make sure yours are properly branded to get the most out of this amazing feature.
  • BONUS: PLUS order now and get a free lead magnet video element!
That's Actually 6 Elements for Your Videos to Use Again and Again!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
See Them in Action By Clicking on Each Example Below! 
2D Logo
Full Screen Graphic
End Screen Graphic
Lower Third
Lower Third Subscribe
The Video Marketing School's video branding elements took a live show I host for Agora Pulse from wow! We even got mentioned at Social Media Marketing World as a show that is doing it right! 
Scott Ayers - AgoraPulse
I love my video branding elements! The Video Marketing School took my logo and branding colors for my real estate firm and made me awesome overlays that really make me stand out from my competitors. 
Ryan Rodenbeck - Realtor
Video Branding Elements helped my videos stand out against the noise of other entrepreneurs in my industry and get people watching my content and coming back for more! Best decision I made for my videos. 
Ann J. - Direct Sales 
Surely You're Sick And Tired Of Your Videos Looking Boring By Now? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Keep viewers engaged and staying on your channel with these video branding elements. These are digital overlays for your videos that add your brand color and logo, information, and calls to action on your videos. 
Animated 2D Logo & Subscribe Button
3 Lower Thirds
Animated Transitions
Animated End Card
Get More Subscribers, view time, and keep people on your channel longer!
  • Stop hiring expensive editors
  •  Stop looking unprofessional
  •  Stop paying for templates
  •  START looking great with ease
Here's how it works...
Step 1: You first order the package on the next page. 

Step 2:  You will see an order confirmation page that asks you to check your email. 

Step 3: Within a few minutes you will get an email with a form for you to fill out in where you will give us your business details and upload your logo and specific requests for your branding elements.

Step 4: We will send you an email after we have submitted your order and give you an estimated turn around time. 

Step 5: Expect 7 business days for you to receive your Video Branding Elements. 

Step 6: Order's are delivered on a link via email and you are offered one revision to fix any errors in branding, spelling, and business details. 
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