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Attention Business Owners...
Finally, the Proven System to Generating Qualified
Leads That Quickly Convert Into Sales
(So you DON'T have to spend your personal time in marketing or looking for sales)

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Attention Business Owners!
If you want to automate your lead generation, pump sales into your business, or even if you just want to grow your revenue to the next level, then this is the most important thing you'll read all year!
Here's why...
Because this process can transform your business into a sales machine where your calendar is full of new sales appointments every single month!
Keith and Angie Radke own a Micoblading business in Utah. They were frustrated and wanted to quit because getting new customers was just too hard. But In their first month of the Video Sales Machine Keith increased their web traffic 257%, set 5 new appointments, and closed over $2,000 in new business.
Scott Weiss is a certified financial planner who had never generated a new client from internet marketing. After just 7 weeks of following the step-by-step program in the Video Sales Machine, he brought on $30,000 in new business.
Here's How and Why We Can Make You This Promise...
My name is Owen Video and I've been teaching business owners like you how to use VIDEO MARKETING to generate leads and close sales for almost 10 years.
I’ve flown all over the country teaching my strategies in workshops and speaking at the best conferences in the World where I’m recognized as a key leader in video marketing for businesses owners.
So much so that even the State of California honored me as Entrepreneur of the Year.
The Video Sales Machine is going to give you everything you need to control your business marketing campaigns which means you’re able to reliably predict your future sales and revenue.
I believe that every business is unique and the strategies you’ll learn in the Video Sales Machine have worked for business owners ranging from Fortune 200 companies to mom and pop stores across the US. I’ve seen common service-based businesses, to the most peculiar local retail business, close THOUSANDS of dollars in new customers with the Video Sales Machine.
Every minute you wait is another lost lead, or more time wasted on marketing efforts that aren't working.
Video is 82% of all viewed content online. Which means, If you’re not using video, you’re not going to be seen.

76% of marketing professionals have reported an increase in sales because of video.
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  •  With this proven method, your marketing costs pay for themselves with new customers.  
  •   You'll have a duplicatable system for generating qualified leads. 
  •  Most business don't know whether to blog, run ads, or do a video…with this system, we make it easy for you to understand where to begin and how to make generating leads a machine that's running in the background of your business, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.
  •  Your whole day will no longer be consumed with "coffee meetings" that never turned into sales. 
  •  You'll have the confidence to generate a pipeline of qualified leads for your business.
  •  Take the time you were spending in pointless meetings or trying to figure out the best marketing tactics, to go back to doing what you love about your business.
  •  Build the respect of your peers and your community.
Ted Stearns built a software specifically for real estate land developers. When Ted started, he had no system for generating leads or making sales online but after only 3 weeks in the video sales machine Ted had set ONE appointment that purchased 3 licenses of his highly specialized and expensive software.
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  • 6 In-Depth Modules in The Video Sales Machine ($447 Value)  
  • Screenshares, Cheat sheets, and Templates for Each Module
  •   2 Mini-Trainings --Advanced FB Boosting and Our Work-With-Us Funnel ($297 Value)
  •  The Website Lead Generation Funnel Blueprint ($497 Value)
  •  'Battle-Tested' Email Swipe Files ($297 Value)
  • And Bonuses Below!
  •  4 Live Group Coaching Calls!! ($997 Value)
  •  YouTube Launch Series from BizTube Academy (5 Modules for Biz Owners) ($497 Value)
  •  Chatbot Course ($497 Value)
  •  Square Video Memes Course ($50 Value)
Take A Full 90 days and if you don't see any success, I’ll have my team personally tweak and adjust your system until it works! 

Now that’s a guarantee I personally stand behind. 

If "Video Sales Machine" doesn't show me exactly how to automate your lead generation... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step pump sales into your business... or if it fails to help grow your revenue to the next level, then I understand Owen's team will personally adjust the system until it works, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
Here's How To Order Right Now
So go ahead and click the order button now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more. Let's get started right now!

For those of you ready to fill your calendar with new leads and close more sales than ever, your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for the Video Sales Machine.  
Owen Video
P.S. The strategies and workflows that you’re going to learn in the Video Sales Machine have been developed by me over the last 10 years. The methods have come from working with clients directly, collaborating on projects with other companies, and the years of experience learning from mentors and industry leaders. The Instant Authority Formula and the Video Sales Funnel represent a decade of pioneering in the video marketing field and since then I’ve continually worked on the process, refining it, and adapting to changing technologies…
The result is a time-tested and experience-proven process that can be applied to any business anywhere over and over again.
If you’re ready to generate nonstop leads and new sales, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for The Video Sales Machine.
Act now before the course closes.
Hey Owen! I’m happy to tell you I just closed an 80k deal- so off to a running start for 2019! Glad to be on board. Loving the energy. Yes! You reminded me to keep things simple and the packaging of my products was what resonated the most! It helped that I put it all on one page-- the packages were memorable and easy for the client to remember. 

- Tolis Dokianos, Switzerland
Marketing Coach
Since starting the Video Sales Machine , we’ve seen an increase of over 200% in traffic to our website in the past month that has resulted in more than $2000 in revenue! Before taking this class, we weren’t sure how much longer our small business would be able to stay alive. But since taking the class and seeing the results, we’re confident our small business will continue to thrive for years to come! Thanks, Owen!

- Keith and Angie Radke, UT
Permanent Makeup Artists
Woohoo! Had a 15 min call just now! We’re following on Saturday to pick her program. I also got 3 testimonials on my page! I would have never asked Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style or Aaron Walker from View from the Top for this, if it wasn’t for you Owen Video. Game changer!

-Klaas Van Oosterhout,  Spain
Parenting Coach

"Shout out to Owen Video and his super smart brain! If you think this guy is only “the video guy” think again. He is one for the few people in the social media space I can count on one hand who understands the foundations of marketing AND the digital space. "

- Fiona Birch , Toronto
Pro Athlete Media Coach
I had 20+  people sign up for the 15 minute call and I converted 18 to a $297 program within a few weeks of making my video. A Big Win for me! Thank You!
 The GREAT formula really works!

-Georgia Lee London,  MD
Marketing and Personal Coach
We just put up a quick video-- we wanted to get something out there and working for us, it’s been boosted. Today is day three and we already have sold 2 stained glass classes :) 

-David and Gene Gomm,  UT
Gomm Stained Glass
Owen's marketing plan resulted in over $208,000 in new registrations. 

- Jared Lewis, AZ
Insurance Sales
In my first campaign with Owen, I got over 100 leads and 15 appointments! 

- Erik VanHorn, SD 
Franchise Owner and Coach
After working with Owen implementing his Instant Authority Formula, I brought in 30k in new revenue in the first 7 weeks, immediately exceeding my mid-year earning goals! I also got 714 YouTube Subscribers, and my videos have been featured on Forbes.  

- Scott Weiss, NY
Financial Advisor
Owen gave us  the support and encouragement to make a HUGE investment to our business!!
I have struggled with the fear of “what if’s” and  failure; but I choose not to live that way! And I hope all of you will join us! This group and the teachings so far have been game changers!! Thank you Owen!

- Dan and Danielle Gurlov, UT
Wood Decor Designing
Owen Video is a fabulous organization. He has such a good spirit and I look for that in a coach. Someone who is willing to teach you and not someone who wants to talk about himself and not know how to break things down for others. I’m looking forward to learning so much more. 

- Gospel Omeghara, UK
Financial Education 
Owen Hemsath if wasn’t for your class I wouldn’t know what people were talking about with funnels. But because of this course now I understand and understand quickly. And I just  did my very 1st webinar yesterday! Its all about LEARNING and GROWING! 

- Katheh Spazzy, NY
Health Coach
I really enjoyed the inside look at how Owen does it and how it can be applied to ANY business. That's been the biggest "win" for me so far. Second - hanging with so many other business owners in the class too!

-Kevin Kolbe, NC
Media Coach
We got 222 new leads in our first 60 days by following the step-by-step program that Owen laid out for us.

-David .R
Restaurant Coach
Owen really understand this process. We added 50 names to our list in the first couple of days before we even really began! 

-Ron Carter,  CA
Car Theft Protection
I learned a lot from “The Video Sales Machine” course. Owen brings tremendous energy and knowledge to all that he does. His program was easy to follow and implement into my business. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow their sales funnel.

- Wanda Baader, AZ
Marketing Strategist
I just got my first big sale! Used the packaging system you taught us and it worked! I loved learning how to create a funnel and launching an email campaign... These were the 2 things I really wanted to learn. I also really enjoyed getting feedback on my work in the FB group.Owen always a lot of energy and great information. I really enjoying the interaction and lively discussion there.  

-Mike Duhamel, Ontario
Owen's energy is contagious! With that I learned a ton about how to use my content to create leads and I loved the fact that both Owen and his team are engaged with us in the FB group, and that Owen takes the time to provide feedback.  I love feeling connected to other business owners in the course,  and I love learning from Owen's experiences as well as from the other business owners. Can't wait to use these strategies to grow my business. 

- Rebecca Marciano, CA
Health Coach
Frequently Asked Questions
When Can I Start the Course and How Long Will it Take Me?
As soon as you purchase the course, you will create your username and password and get immediate access to the course. You will have access to the first 2 of the 6 modules from Video Sales Academy and all the bonuses. The remaining 4 modules will be available over the next couple of weeks, giving you time to do the planning and work needed in the first 2 modules. The course can be completed in a couple of hours a week for 6 weeks or slammed out in a couple of weeks. More time will be needed to tweak and refine your video sales machine as you start to send leads through it to get it to optimal levels. 
How Do I Access The Course?
After purchasing the course, you will be sent to a confirmation page with an access link so you can set up your account. Save that link and you can use it to sign in and access the course anytime that works for you. For your convenience, we will also send you an email with the links to set up your account and login into to access the Video Sales Machine and your Bonus Courses. 
Will I Need to Buy a Clickfunnels in Order to Use This Course?
While we do recommend certain tools to create your video sales machine, like Clickfunnels, you can build your machine using whatever tools you prefer. The key to the Video Sales Machine, is the system. You get to choose how you build that system, but we will certain give you suggestions for each step so if you want, you can build yours exactly like we build ours. 
When Do I Get the Bonus Calls and How Do They Work? 
After March 12th we will create a schedule for the 4 Bonus Calls and send you an invitation with link for those 4 calls. They will start the following week. 
What If I Don’t Find The Course Helpful?
If you don't see results from your video sales machine within 90 days of implementing it, our team will personally tweak and refine your machine until it works (a 4k a month value)! That is a guarantee we feel confident in. 
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